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Link Building

Link Building- URL DIGI

When you are into SEO for any website than you can’t shy away from link building. Link building is a most integral part of SEO, it can make or break your online presence. There are two ways of Link building: Internal and External.

Usually, people tends to focus on external link building rather than internal. Internal link building in my opinion is also as important as the external links. Just for your overview, internal link means linking other pages of your website with that page. Now if we talk about external links, quality backlinks are important to have good SEO, if you do not have quality backlinks then sooner or later Google algorithm (Penguin) is gonna break your online presence.

There are few things which I have learnt to have a Quality backlink:

Relevancy of the Site: This is a very important thing to consider whenever you are trying to create a backlink for your site. If your website is for fitness than should not create a backlink on a blog/site which is not related with fitness at all. Your site should be relevant with the blog as well. Yes, in this case a fitness website can create a backlink on a nutrition site (as they are related to each other).

Link’s Position on the Page: To have quality backlinks or to drive results, position of backlinks is highly considered that Is your link embedded in a piece of content? Or Or is it buried in a page’s footer? If it is a part of the content than nothing like it, people who are reading the content and Google algorithm will be able to find that out easily and with that possibility of increasing traffic on your site would also increase.

If your backlink is created somewhere in the comment section, where there are lot of comments already available for backlinks, than possibility of increasing traffic to your site would decrease.

Create a Guest Post: You may also try and find websites which invites guest post, you may submit your articles on those sites with link to your site in content, which will also increase possibility of generating traffic.

While writing a guest post on a website, please ensure that website is not spammy else Google may penalize your own website.

You need to be cautious of where you are putting your website link as Google penalize the websites to maintain it’s authentication. That is it for now. Please let me know how you like this.

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