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Organic ranking of Google My Business Pages

How to improve ranking of Google My Business Pages

When we create a free business page with Google My Business, our prime motive is to know how to improve ranking of Google My Business Pages. Unfortunately, it’s not an overnight job because there are lot of businesses out there, who are using same categories(keywords) as your business, so guys competition is bit on a higher side.

No worries though! I am sharing tips with you which can help you build strong internet presence. Here are some for you:

Stop making changes: Web presence of any business is created on the information available on a business page. If you make changes to it, you may need to start all over again. We suggest to make changes only when it is too important else, just follow below 👇 mentioned tips.

Reviews: Reviews are just not the customer’s wording, they also help you in building your presence online. The mantra behind online presence is number of views on the page, if your business page has good number number of views, Google algorithm may show your business page maximum number of times, whenever it is searched with nearby category as well. You can create a direct link for your customers from here.

Add a Post: This feature has been introduced lately by Google. Prime motive was to enable business with sharing their upcoming offers, events, updates, however you can use this to increase your web presence by putting keywords with which you want your page to appear. These days hashtags are more popular use them as much as you can while posting anything. Check out more about that, from here

Photos and videos: There is a saying every photo has its own story. But here photos can change your story. Whenever you add the photos and anyone clicks on it, that not just increases views on that picture but also increases views on your business pages(which is the ultimately mantra). So upload as many as you can for your business, happy customers, interiors, surroundings etc. You may refer to this link to know more about photos and videos.

As I said above organic ranking is an ongoing process, you need to be more active in optimizing your business page to get to the top of it. Once your business page gets older and more optimized, you will see a lot on your plate. Get in touch with us to know more.

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