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7 C’s of Digital Marketing

7 C’s of Digital Marketing

There are 7 C’s of digital marketing through which you can easily be noticed in this digital world. Be it an individual or a business, everyone knowingly or unknowingly follow these 7 C’s:  

  1. Content: Content was, is and will always be a king. It is like storytelling may be through words (on website, blog, forums etc.), videos, images etc. but your content should express the real thought.
  1. Community: In real world we are surrounded by people whom with we interact socially, personally, professionally. In digital world as well we meet people, share our thoughts openly, here people are the biggest power. Strong community we have, stronger we are digitally.    
  1. Context: It is to know, who is the right audience for the product and services that we are offering. Also, timing is very essential, targeting right audience at the right time.
  1. Collaboration: This practice simply means working together, collaborating knowledge and best practices. Major benefits of this: there are high possibilities of innovation, crowd funding and increase responsiveness.  
  1. Communication: With more people connecting digitally, communication among everyone has increased then it used to be earlier. You can have one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many, communication depending upon your need or availability. We now have greater reach and are more connected.
  1. Capture: We can also express ourselves via videos, capture your thoughts via blog etc. There are lot of ways to express yourself in front of new people and places. You can make it a digital diary like we use to have our personal diaries back then. More people will be able to interact your thoughts and views.
  1. Change: Change is very important in everyday life and in digital marketing changes happens very frequently so you need to make a choice to either survive or thrive.

I hope you enjoyed and taking away something from this. Please feel free to let us know about your thoughts on this. You may get in touch with us all well.

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